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Tonya Sheridan

The Awakened Woman

Tonya Sheridan, Life Coach copyright 2013 … [Read More...]

spiritual journey

Embracing Your Path

Embracing your path means to become fully aware of how your past experiences, as well as your current, are your sacred path. There's no need to find … [Read More...]

inner voice, expressing yourself

Expressing Your Inner Voice

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unique path, courage, change

Creating Your Unique Path

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How to Become the Authority on You

In order to live an authentic life, you must become the authority on you. Every day we are bombarded with new information, articles, and studies on … [Read More...]

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The Art of Inspiring and Empowering Others

If you really want to affect a change – big or small, in your own life or in the life of another – it is essential to master the art of inspiration … [Read More...]

Design Your Life With The Law of Attraction

Design Your Life with The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction isn't only about "like attracts like", that is only one small part of a much bigger message and philosophy of living. There are … [Read More...]

"Tonya Sheridan is an AMAZING Life Coach! She tailors each session to what you are looking to improve in your business/life. Every session I have had with her has not only helped me envision my business plans but take them in the right direction. Every day I have been utilizing the plans we have created and seeing progress. One thing about Tonya that I would like to point out is that she cares about her clients progress and goes above and beyond to make sure she is with them every step of the way. If you are looking for a Life Coach that will not only help you create a life plan, but also lead you on the path to success Tonya Sheridan is your coach! I am thankful to have crossed paths with her and looking forward to many more sessions with her!"

~ Tia Greene

"I connected with Tonya through a selected coaching group, I can attest Tonya is a real person dedicated to her passion to help people in every way possible-physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her enthusiasm is contagious and by just connecting with her a few days, my inspirations went wild and thanks to Tonya, I was able to close in on some life and lifestyle decisions to the point that it gave me NEW rejuvenating ideas to work on, right away... Thanks Tonya! I give my very best into all I do, say and think and I strongly believe Tonya can deliver this way as well and much, much more. I will gladly work with Tonya any time and I invite any one to do the same soon.. she is outstanding."

~ Nick Catricala

"Tonya, just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog and your postings. I've been a student of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Chris Widener, etc all for several years now. You add fresh perspective and relevancy to the success principles. Also, your writings are some of the best written and easy to assimilate that I’ve come across. I look forward to following your future writings. God Bless you and yours."

~ Foster Farone

"Thank you to Tonya for taking me from No-Way! to totally inspired in no time at all! Ahhh, the power of a great coach! ...really appreciate it.

~ Margo Zeier

"I enjoy reading your articles. They are thought-provoking and inspiring. The messages in your articles seem to come to me just at the time I need to read/hear them."

~ Mollie Staley

"Tonya, I was so inspired by you, I decided that 'I wanted what you were having,' to loosely quote an older movie. Something about reading your posts and picking up on your energy made me see how 'accessible' this was for me. I have so much gratitude for having 'met' you, I think you're the next Christie Whitman/Arielle Ford/Marcia Weider combo!"

~ Shashi Michele Cannata

"Tonya, I woke this morning and looked outside to see horses grazing in the fields and the mountain ranges rising above them. The deer that spend the night in my yard were lazily greeting the rising sun and I thought about all of the recent changes in my life. Then of course, you came to mind. I thought about the confusion I felt when I first contacted you about coaching and learning to listen to my "inner voice". I knew that I needed to change things in my life, but I really needed help sorting out all the clutter that filled my mind. This morning, as I thought of that first call, I smiled to myself in appreciation and awe of how quickly your coaching helped me to make sense of all the ideas floating around in my head. Once I KNEW what my inner voice was saying, it was easy to leave PA and travel across the country to a small Oregon town, where I am now enjoying a peaceful and slower paced life with the beauty of nature all around me. This is a time of healing on many levels as well as as a time of discovery and stepping into that which I am now called to do. So, I wanted to take a moment to write to you and say "Thank you!" for the coaching time we spent together. It was was an incredible experience which helped me to see my path more clearly and gave me the needed courage to take the next step on this journey of life. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my heart."

~ Magdalena Hanson

"Tonya's wealth of knowledge, and her dedication to my success combined with her intuitive sense and a truly caring personality like none that I have known, have been both a guiding and a driving force for me. Tonya and I have been working together for almost 5 months now. When I met Tonya I had an idea about what I wanted but no clear direction. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed as I tried to find my unique voice and begin to move my business in a forward direction. Today I have a much stronger confidence in me and the gift that I have to offer. Tonya's wealth of knowledge, and her dedication to my success combined with her intuitive sense and a truly caring personality like none that I have known, have been both a guiding and a driving force for me. She has an almost magical way of lighting the fire within me. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to build such a strong foundation and couple it with a momentum that feels great. I am most grateful to have her in my corner, hooking me up, cheering me on, and holding me accountable for taking those next steps. Thank you Tonya for lighting a path and for walking beside me as I find my way. I look forward to what's yet to come."

~ Kate Lindsay

"I would most definitely not be where I am with my business today if it weren't for Tonya. I am feeling very blessed to be working with Tonya as my business mentor. Besides her extensive knowledge of how to get the most out of social media, it has been wonderful to have an accountability partner who is so supportive and so full of knowledge. I would most definitely not be where I am with my business today if it weren't for Tonya. She is a wonderful coach and mentor and is helping me branch out in many directions with my business. I am grateful for Tonya!"

~ Heather O'Neill

"I was having a problem with lethargy in my brand new sewing room….something that I had been looking forward to having for a very long time. I couldn’t imagine why I didn’t seem to have any energy in using the space I had waited so long for! I asked Tonya what could be wrong, and after asking me some questions, found out that the room was previously used by my husband’s ex-wife, Tonya suggested an energy clearing process for me to do for my home and the sewing room. It was one of the easiest things I have ever done, and immediately I felt more desire to work in the room. Now I do a clearing of the space with every new season, and I feel fantastic in the room!"

~ Paula Braskie Lucas

"Tonya's personality, calmness and simple way of approaching me, made it easy to go into important things to improve and alter. It is a natural place where you feel welcome with Tonya, and it is indeed a sacred place, which gives comfort in the conversation to discuss and be guided with her easy ways of creating intention and clarity. I recommend talking and being in the company of this great lady, I am sure you will gain as a person. Thank you so much Tonya!"

~ Gideon Nielsen

"I began working with Tonya about three months ago. I feel the best now about moving forward than ever before. Our coaching sessions have really helped bring things together for my vision and plans. She’s helped me get clear about the direction my business and I are heading. It’s been a very motivating, and exciting process! I can’t wait to see how far I will have come in another year!"

~ Mandy Milner Mackowiak

"I know the direction I want to go in with my career, and how to get there. I have taken inspired action only from the place of joy and excitement! Tonya is phenomenal, I would recommend her program and personal coaching sessions to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. After my first session working with Tonya I was inspired to get the ball rollin' and I got all of my ideas for my business out of my head and out on paper. Since then I have been so clear about what I am putting my effort and energy into, I know the direction I want to go in with my career, and how to get there. I have taken inspired action only from the place of joy and excitement and I am so grateful for Tonya's guidance and expertise. Her meditation and energy healing with the chakras was absolutely beautiful and blew me away. She has made a great impact on my life."

~ Renee Marcou

"Tonya Sheridan is an excellent intuitive Life Coach who is committed to providing great value to her clients."

~ Michael Pergrem